IVAAP 2.10 Release Notes

12 September 2022

We’re pleased to present the release notes for IVAAP 2.10. 


  • Filter information of reservoir volume and multiple properties
  • Individual display index unit in each index track in WellLog
  • Expanded basemap widgets to visualize all types of energy data
  • Data selection with 3D seismic volume intersection


Release Notes


    • New Adds symbol support to state definition
    • New Adds custom-defined schematics components through domain resource
    • New Adds ZFP and Lossless ZFP compression algorithms to seismic data
    • New Adds unconformity support to formation tops
    • New Adds interval filtering to point set data
    • New Adds online help to property dialogs
    • New Adds radius selection tool to Map widget
    • New Adds title to 2D Seismic widget
    • New Adds logarithmic color map support in 3D and Basemap widget
    • New Adds properties to correlation fence in 3D widget
    • New Allows users to change visual order in Basemap, Time Series and LineChart widget
    • New Adds correlation fence and seismic 2D line support to Basemap widget
    • New Allows users to color curve line using state definition in WellLog widget
    • New Adds project data group information to well track header in Well Correlation widget
    • New Adds PDF export to WellSection widget
    • New Adds table data support to Diagram widget
    • New Adds value range and unit settings to Diagram widget
    • New Allows users to associate annotation to specific data series in LineChart widget
    • New Adds state definition support to Histogram widget
    • New Allows users to visualize curves with the same name in Table widget


    • Improvement Improves UI components theme support
    • Improvement Multiple UI improvements
    • Improvement Improves dashboards restoring performance when some data is inaccessible
    • Improvement Improves project data group editing workflow
    • Improvement Improves filter in data tree
    • Improvement Improves point set cursor tracking in multiple widgets
    • Improvement Improves Well List dialog in Map and Well Correlation widget
    • Improvement Improves formation tops filtering and settings in Well Correlation widget
    • Improvement Multiple improvements to Well Section widget
    • Improvement Improves perforation and annotation margin in TimeSeries widget
    • Improvement Improves BHA and hole depth curve selection in Drilling Status widget
    • Improvement Improves annotations in Schematics widget


  • Fix Addresses multiple UI issues
  • Fix Addresses an issue that user cannot create file with some special characters
  • Fix Addresses an issue when widget default template has been removed
  • Fix Addresses a crash when multi-data mode is enabled in 2D Seismic widget
  • Fix Addresses an issue that cursor tracking between 3D and WellLog widget requires survey
  • Fix Addresses a picking issue in 3D widget
  • Fix Addresses a data reference issue after removing all objects in Well Correlation widget
  • Fix Addresses a visual reordering issue in WellLog widget
  • Fix Addresses a track body border rendering issue in WellLog widget
  • Fix Addresses a tooltip crash in WellLog widget
  • Fix Addresses a curve logarithmic mode issue in TimeSeries widget
  • Fix Addresses a data synchronization issue between Gauge widgets
  • Fix Addresses a value decimal issue in Gauge widgets
  • Fix Addresses an animation issue in Diagram widget
  • Fix Addresses a manual tick setting issue in LineChart widget
  • Fix Addresses a grid setting issue in LineChart widget
  • Fix Addresses a vertical grid line color issue in Histogram widget
  • Fix Addresses a crash when switching data in HTML widget

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