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IVAAP™ is an HTML5 visualization framework that integrates seamlessly with your upstream E&P solutions. Built using GeoToolkit, the most widely used technology for data visualization, IVAAP offers a powerful solution to access and visualize your data—domain, G&G, drilling, production, WellLog, 3D, schematics, seismic, and more. Easily plug in your domain KPIs, algorithms, and workflows—hosted locally or in the cloud—for real-time analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Monitor Multiple Data Sources in a Single View

Making operational and business decisions requires key stakeholders to analyze complex data from many sources. IVAAP was designed to support this requirement by aggregating and streaming data for comprehensive real-time analysis. And with more teams working remotely, seamless connectivity is an operational necessity. Cloud-enabled and network-secure, IVAAP allows teams to collaborate remotely from nearly any location.

Display seismic in 3D.
Overlay well log on seismic.
Custom dashboards can include well log, seismic, and maps.
Combine well log, seismic, gauges, and more, all in one dashboard.
With seamless data integration, IVAAP can stream data from multiple sources, including WITSML, Peloton, and more.
Set alarms for pressure, depth, temperature, and more and monitor them in real time.

Visualize Your E&P Workflows and Analytics with IVAAP

Drilling Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor drilling by connecting to Real-Time data sources. Users can easily build dashboards to visualize analytics and rig activity (Gauges, Log Display, Line Charts, Cross Plots, Pie Charts).

Combine Well Log data with directional information for Geosteering.

Log Analysis Visualization

Power visualization and analysis with many out-of-the-box features: Log displays, Well Section, Lithology editing, Curve filtering, Formation tops, Well correlation, and much more.

Well Performance & Benchmarking

Aggregate data from multiple sources simultaneously in one view (Real-Time WITSML, databases, seismic).

Allow great user experience, with IVAAP’s interactive dashboard builder and domain-loaded features such as Match Curve engine and KPI dashboard (Productivity, Downtime, Comparison).

Production & Reporting

Connect to Production Database to monitor and visualize various elements: Schematics display, Gauges, Charting and Alarms. Users can also display and track KPIs.

Real-Time Mud Logging

Mud logging display with Real-Time Data streaming from WITSML Server: View logs, lithology and annotations.

IVAAP Key Features

Your Own IP, Science, & Workflow

Integrate your proprietary workflows, data, and analytics using IVAAP’s powerful microservices and SDK to create a complete digital application that can be deployed on a private server or in the cloud.


Powerful Admin/Security

Manage users, projects, and data connectors quickly and easily with IVAAP’s robust admin interface. IVAAP includes various security features, including the ability to monitor usage.

Microservices Architecture

IVAAP leverages microservices technology to allow users to extend the system, augment functionality, and integrate with services and application stacks. This lightweight, component-based architecture means the IVAAP back end is secure, cloud-friendly, and completely scalable.

Data Integration & Geoscience Data Services

IVAAP aggregates and streams multiple data sources simultaneously in real-time, including WITSML and Peloton. And our secure INTGeoServer distributes seismic, well data, and more over the web, making your data accessible from anywhere in your network.

Domain Visualization in HTML5
A browser-based HTML5 client leverages all proven GeoToolkit libraries, with drag-and-drop functionality to create custom dashboards so users can see and analyze their data at a glance.

Simplified Deployment

Deployable in your hosting environment or on your private cloud, IVAAP enables DevOps and Agile Dev with a simple approach to deployment using a Docker Engine, which means you can be operational in a fraction of the time.

Flexible, Extendable Architecture

IVAAP is pluggable, which means developers can change or remove existing implementations in their own plugins using the SDK. The SDK consists of a JavaEE container (Ex: Tomcat), compiled Java libraries (.jar files), Java API Documentation, and REST Web service documentation (Swagger/OpenAPI spec). Developers can add their own data sources or web services to create a truly custom platform quickly and easily.

The IVAAP backend can be deployed in two ways, either using the Play framework to take advantage of the latest technology adapted for concurrency and distributed deployment or using the JavaEE container.

Technical Specs

Supported Data Formats:

Visualization Widgets:

  • DLIS
  • LAS
  • SQL Data
  • Schematic Data
  • WellLog
  • Time series
  • Histogram
  • Cross-plot
  • Pie chart
  • Table
  • Value
  • Information
  • Statistics
  • BHA
  • 2D seismic
  • 3D view
  • HTML
  • Numerical gauge
  • Circular gauge
  • Semi-circular gauge
  • Quarter gauge
  • Vertical/horizontal gauge
  • Time interval gauge

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