IVAAP 2.9 Release Notes

11 January 2022

We’re pleased to present the release notes for IVAAP 2.9. 


  • Integration with processing or machine learning services, accelerating SDK-based workflow integration and simplifying Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)
  • Full support for OSDU™ Data Platform (M8)
  • Expanded basemap widgets to visualize all types of energy data
  • Data selection with 3D seismic volume intersection


Release Notes


  • New diagram widget that displays SVG files, with support for simple animations, display curve values updated with cursor position or real-time, and state definition
  • Dynamic dialog generation for processing and ML workflows
  • Redesigned filters in the data tree
  • Redesigned data interval settings
  • Allows administrators to create application themes
  • Added filter to dashboards UI
  • Added sorting to projects and dashboards UI
  • Allows users to open a dashboard in a separate browser tab
  • Added users to run a formula on well group and survey
  • Added token and external authentication support to ArcGIS layers
  • Added reverse color map support to all applicable widgets
  • Added footer support to WellLog widget
  • Added polygon and radius selection to Map widget
  • Added CRS conversion to Basemap and 3D widget
  • Added users to drag and drop multiple objects to 3D and Basemap widget in one action
  • Added users to zoom separately along the horizontal and vertical axis in the Schematics widget
  • Allows gap interpolation support to Time Series widget
  • Support for Single Data, Multi-Data, Multi-Parent mode
  • Support for footer
  • Curve value tooltip at cursor position
  • Display survey stations
  • Drag & drop multiple objects from the data tree
  • Display intersection between inlines/crosslines and horizons, surfaces, faults, triangle mesh, reservoir
  • Support for overlay display
  • Delete formula curves
  • Color well icon by group
  • Display seismic slices, inline, cross-lines
  • Display horizons, gridsurfaces, triangle mesh, faults
  • Display reservoir layer
  • Drag & drop multiple objects from the data tree
  • Display TIFF files
  • New CosmosDB connector


  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Improved dashboard layout editing and grouping
  • Improved state definition dialog
  • Improved user experience by showing progress
  • Improved dashboards restoring when data is missing
  • Improved tooltips in multiple widgets
  • Improved data synchronization between all widgets within the same widget group
  • Improved cursor tracking between widgets
  • Lists formation tops under well or wellbore if applicable
  • Improved curve headers in WellLog widget
  • Improved formation tops support for multi-parent mode in WellLog widget
  • Multiple improvements for array data in WellLog widget
  • Multiple improvements for Well Correlation widget
  • Improved ArcGIS support in Map widget


  • Addresses a GUID issue when cut and paste a file
  • Addresses serialization and switching issues of schematic tables
  • Addresses a grid settings serialization issue in 3D widget

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