IVAAP Release Notes 2.3

29 May 2019
We’re pleased to present the release notes for IVAAP 2.3.


  • Significantly developed support for visual-based data discovery using map-based search
  • Supports elastic search as well as other search engines and is able to index and read any subsurface data type
  • Fully integrated with ArcGIS, allowing explorers to search structured and unstructured data in a data lake or any other file repository

IVAAP 2.3 includes more advanced upstream data visualization features such as well correlation, support for 2D/3D horizons (grid surface), and the ability to display well and schematic data—core images, casing, well logs, mud log, trajectory, and lithography.

IVAAP 2.3 continues to break data silos by supporting several new data connectors, including PPDM databases, S3 Bucket, Azure Blob Container, GCP Bucket, and more. These new connectors facilitate data aggregation and complement the existing WITSML, SQL, ProdML, and Osi PI connectors.

INT already actively works with other majors and services companies in the industry to transform the way subsurface data is captured, standardized, analyzed, and made available across applications to enable automation, processing, machine learning, and interoperability. To further support this goal, INT joined the Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) consortium and has made IVAAP available as part of the Demo release of the OSDU platform planned for the beginning of Summer 2019.

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Release Notes


  • Users are able to search data sets directly through data store.
  • Supports ArcGIS layers and features.
  • Supports continuous interval, discrete number, discrete text with alarm. Supports top definition.
  • Manages patterns, audios, map services, and links through domain resources.
  • LineChart now supports multiple axis mode.
  • 3D widget now supports grid surface and reservoir.


  • Migrates to GeoToolkit.JS 2.6
  • Adds a new user role: Read-only
  • Reorganizes dashboards, dashboard templates, and widget templates
  • Supports well, wellbore, and log level real-time notifications


  • Real-time trajectory
  • Depth value dialog for top editing
  • Sound for alarm state definition
  • Log track horizontal scale in WellLog widget
  • “Fit to Plot” to WellCorrelation widget
  • Properties to 3D horizon
  • More properties to 3D top
  • Well metadata in Table widget
  • Elapsed time to Gauges
  • More properties to Gauges
  • Properties to Schematics widget


  • Logs out of all IVAAP instances when logging out from one browser tab
  • Save and restore action moved to global toolbar
  • All widget analysis tools moved into one action on toolbar
  • Link correlation enabled by default in WellCorrelation widget
  • All Table widgets merged into one widget
  • Supports state definition creation from WellCorrelation widget
  • Supports real-time well log in 3D widget
  • Supports KB when positioning trajectory in 3D widget


  • UI consistency
  • Top editing workflow and user experience
  • Trajectory data validation
  • Mud log rendering in WellLog widget
  • WellCorrelation performance
  • 3D widget Z unit handling to visualize data with different units
  • 3D widget well trajectory request performance
  • Table widget integer and date time data formatting
  • Table widget styles and user experience
  • Gauge layout and styles
  • Schematics well and wellbore level switching

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