IVAAP Release Notes 2.6

September 9, 2020
We’re pleased to present the release notes for IVAAP 2.6.


  • New client SDK so users can extend the platform to meet their unique business objectives.
  • Updated home page to access most recent projects are listed on home page.
  • New Multi Data Set Mode allows having multiple objects with the same type (e.g., Well Log) in one widget.  
  • Improved 2D Seismic widget user experience  — now do fault picking in 2D Seismic and visualize in 3D.

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IVAAP 2.6 includes a multi-data set mode in Line Chart and TimeSeries, allowing multiple objects with the same type in one widget (e.g., Well Log), an updated home page that lists the most recent projects for quicker access, and an improved 2D Seismic widget that makes it easier to do fault picking in 2D Seismic and visualize in 3D.

In this release, a well list is available in the Map widget when a correlation fence exists. The Map widget also shows metadata through a tooltip. Other updated widgets in this release are the title widget that supports metadata and the table widget that supports column sorting.

Release Notes


  • New upgrades to GeoToolkit.JS 3.0
  • Added index decreasing well log support
  • Metadata to context menu in data tree
  • New curve alias dictionary support to more widgets
  • Reverse option to array log gradient filling in WellLog widget
  • Logarithmic scale to array log in WellLog widget
  • Interval selection to PDF printing in WellLog widget
  • Synchronization between 3D widget and 2D Seismic widget
  • Curser information in 3D widget
  • Added properties to grid surface in 3D widget
  • Now can highlight selected object in 3D widget
  • Opacity setting in 2D Seismic widget
  • Reverse option in addition to axis auto-scaling in Cross-Plot widget
  • New marker settings to Bar Chart widget


  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Tagging support in all widgets
  • Multiple widgets serialization
  • Seismic data loading performances
  • Improved interval selection in several widgets
  • Improved number formatting in several widgets
  • Curve header rendering in WellLog widget
  • Top rendering when tracks are narrow in Well Correlation widget
  • Top editing in Well Correlation widget
  • Header information in 2D Seismic and 3D widget
  • Improved components rendering in Map widget
  • Improved components rendering in Schematics widget
  • Improved date and time formatting in several widgets

    • Multiple UI issues
    • Multiple crashes
    • Issue when sharing file(s) with multiple users
    • Several cursor tracking issues
    • Several data editing issues
    • Issue when loading perforation data
    • Asynchronous data loading issue in WellLog widget
    • Issue that a well with multiple well bores cannot be visualized in Well Correlation widget
    • Grid rendering issue in Line Chart widget
    • Several properties issues in Gauge widget


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