IVAAP Release Notes 2.4

05 December 2019
We’re pleased to present the release notes for IVAAP 2.4.


  • Projects — Users can now create and update projects using the map.
  • Dark Mode — New UI supports dark mode.
  • Correlation Fence — Users can create correlation fence from Correlation widget and edit in Map widget.
  • New Annotation Curve Editing in WellLog widget. 
  • New Correlation Widget supports new horizontal scales.
  • Table widget supports formatting for each column.

Release Notes


  • Groups data sets by categories in data tree
  • Shares state definitions and formulas
  • Shows widget type as title after widget creation
  • Adds thumbnail preview for patterns
  • Adds Bing Aerial map support
  • Adds real-time mudlog
  • Converts curve to logarithmic automatically when adding to a logarithmic track in WellLog widget
  • Adds header to WellLog widget PDF printing
  • Adds array log vertical interpolation to WellLog widget
  • Adds state definition support to annotation curve in WellLog widget
  • Adds properties to Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart and Cross-Plot widget
  • Adds state definition support to Cross-Plot widget
  • Adds cursor tracking in Line Chart widget
  • Adds shared dashboards to home page
  • Adds trajectory vertical elevation support
  • Adds interval name to top state definition
  • Adds raster log support
  • Adds favorite template to WellLog and Well Correlation widget
  • Adds cross-hair to Cross-Plot widget color bar
  • Adds several column settings to Table widget


  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Improves dark mode
  • Improves state definition preview
  • Improves dashboard restoring performance
  • Improves tops loading performance
  • Improves style consistency between widgets
  • Improves cursor and highlighting in multiple widgets
  • Improves label rotation in Bar Chart widget
  • Improves large data set handling in Bar Chart widget
  • Improves project content editing experience
  • Improves dashboards and templates dependencies handling
  • Improves Well Correlation widget data loading performance
  • Improves Table widget switching experience
  • Improves Histogram widget tooltips
  • Improves Gauge widget header rendering
  • Improves table data NULL values handling
  • Improves raster log multiple segments support
  • Improves NULL values handling in Line Chart widget
  • Improves WellLog widget horizontal orientation rendering

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