IVAAP 2.7 Release Notes

02 December 2020

We’re pleased to present the release notes for IVAAP 2.7. 


  • Display a dynamic metadata table for a selected object in the map (Well, Seismic, etc.)
  • Improved search capabilities allowing search across any metadata for any user.
  • Display simple image files such as JPEG or PNG files in the image widget, align, and zoom in to show detail.
  • Improved set main index support — for templates, dashboards, and well switching.

Release Notes


  • New template support
  • Align to track end option
  • Filtering content based on state definition
  • Option to restore the tagging from saved template
  • Image widget
  • Line chart widget to support data series dialog
  • Perforations to support state definition in Schematics and Welllog widgets
  • Right-click support for State Definition for Perforations
  • Schematics widget to use Filter dialog
  • Cursor tracking between Schematics and Welllog
  • Time Series widget support for Annotations
  • Time Series widget support for Perforations
  • New theme mechanism supported by all widgets
  • Auto-rotation for text interval curves
  • Support metadata display in widget titles
  • Create Fault set
  • Add new fault to a fault set
  • 3D widget to support tagging and aliases when displaying well data
  • Reservoir data to be serialized in dashboard and template
  • Apply properties to all or individual objects
  • Support multiple inlines, crosslines and time slices


  • 3D widget filter dialog
  • Ability to mix data with CRS and data without CRS
  • Improve dashboard restoration of inline, crossline, and time slice
  • Tooltip to show unit
  • Access to the Filter dialog to show/hide tops
  • Dictionary curve aliases to be supported by all remaining widgets
  • Drilling Status widget to support Title options in properties dialog
  • Improve error messages into the application
  • Line chart widget to support template
  • Ability to edit existing data series
  • Line chart to flip axis for Date Time data
  • Legend improvement to show/hide data series parent
  • Toolbar option for Single data set, Multi data set, Multi parent
  • Improve Search dialog for Map page
  • Access to the map page even if not the owner of a project
  • Improve project content editing based on map search
  • Improve correlation fence handling in map widget
  • Preserve labels into dashboard
  • Perforations in Schematics widget to be adjacent to the casing
  • Improve highlighting of component into the Schematics widget
  • Read Only definitions should not be editable
  • Allowing switching data set of different subtype
  • Select data series from the legend
  • Tooltip to show the index date and time
  • Title widget to show larger box for free text
  • Right-click option to clear the display
  • Display imported Interval curves
  • Set Main index preserver while switch data set
  • Set Main index preserved in template and dashboard
  • Curve display value option support for no decimals


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