IVAAP Release Notes 2.5

31 March 2020
We’re pleased to present the release notes for IVAAP 2.5.


  • New production dashboards enhance analysis and monitoring
  • Support for curve dictionaries and aliases makes it easier to build powerful log templates
  • Full support for the display of raster logs in well and correlation views (with support for TGS SmartRASTER® format).
  • New tracking gauges
  • New Multi series support in Pie Chart widget
  • Accumulation mode in Bar Chart widget
  • New elapsed time mode for date time data in Line Chart widget
  • Binary header information available in Seismic widget and clipboard support for copying.

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IVAAP 2.5 includes improved synchronization between widgets to make it easier to navigate complex dashboards between wells, and shared dashboards and templates mean smoother, faster collaboration between users. This release also includes improvements to handle, visualize, and correlate large volumes of wells efficiently.

In 2019, INT joined the Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) consortium, and with this latest release, IVAAP is able to support R2 out of the box, including support for SEG-Y and OpenVDS.

Release Notes


  • New well and wellbore level table switching support to widgets
  • New date range filters added to Bar Chart and Line Chart widget
  • State definition creation in WellLog, Pie Chart and Table widget added
  • Auto-fit added to WellLog widget
  • Micro position support added to curve labels in WellLog widget
  • Data set switching added to Well Correlation widget
  • New column alignment settings added to Table widget


  • Improved grouping and synchronization mechanism
  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Improved tabular data loading performance


  • Addresses a pattern picker preview issue
  • Addresses cursor tracking issues in several widgets
  • Addresses several annotation editing issues
  • Addresses a navigation view settings serialization issue in WellLog widget
  • Addresses a curve gradient filling issue in WellLog widget
  • Addresses a state definition applying issue to discrete curve in WellLog widget
  • Addresses several crashes in WellLog widget
  • Addresses a color bar cursor issue in Cross-Plot widget
  • Addresses a data update issue in Bar Chart widget
  • Addresses an object visibility issue in 3D widget
  • Addresses a crash in Map widget when having more than one ArcGIS layer

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