GeoToolkit.JS 2023 Release Notes

July 2023

We’re pleased to present the release notes for GeoToolkit.JS 2023


  • TypeScript Migration and Public API Review: We have seamlessly migrated to TypeScript, ensuring enhanced code quality and our public API guaranteeing improved stability.
  • Seismic 2D Wiggle Anti-Aliasing: Our advanced 2D wiggle anti-aliasing algorithm delivers high-quality seismic visualization, allowing you to interpret data precisely.
  • High-Level Chart Widget: We have introduced the ChartWidget class, simplifying the process of creating and customizing charts and supporting multiple series and charts with 1D, 2D, and 3D data.
  • React Native Support for Mobile Development for iOS and Android: Now you can develop stunning Geoscience applications for mobile devices, expanding your capabilities and engaging a wider audience.
  • The Well Log Correlation Display Optimization allows you to visualize 10,000+ wells in seconds, saving valuable time and streamlining your workflow.

Release Notes
Highlights of the new release include:

TypeScript Migration

  • API was migrated to TypeScript, and public API was cleaned up
  • Includes ES6 libraries and headers for users

Mobile Devices Support

  • React Native support for mobile development of applications for iOS and Android.
  • Includes experimental packages for charts and Well Log
  • Rendering is based on Skia

Seismic wiggle anti-aliasing

  • Wiggle anti-aliasing based on Xiaolin Wu
  • Positive and negative fill anti-aliasing


  • Added event map for on/off methods
  • Added global Z-order to control rendering
  • Added zoom support for the logarithmic tick generator
  • Added flexbox layout


  • Improved Composite Schematics Widget to display deviated or vertical schematics


  • Added support of chunked ZFP decompression for IVAAP backend
  • Improved performance and resolved the ‘shattered’ traces issue
  • Improved wiggle rendering performance
  • Added trace normalization

Well Log

  • Added horizontal mode for MultiWellWidget
  • Implement clip-by-angle limits, taking into account limits in offset
  • Added a sync curve rendering for export.
  • Added symbols mode to LogMudLogSection
  • Added fills to Accumulation Cycle visual
  • Added lithology editor
  • Redesigned interactive editing tools based on Carnac Paint tools
  • Optimized constructors
  • Improved gradient fill performance
  • Added lithology editor
  • Redesigned interactive editing tools based on Carnac Paint tools
  • Added lazy loading for Proxy Well displaying 10,000+ wells in seconds

IVAAP Backend/ INT GeoServer Data

  • Support data from IVAAP Backend and INT GeoServer 3.0+ Backend: Well log data – Curves, Array Logs, Mudlog, Deviation, Lithologies, Surfaces, Reservoir, and Tops

Carnac 3D

  • Reservoir improved API, memory efficiency
  • Improved support for Clipping, and new intersection tutorials
  • New tutorials for Intersections
  • Improved Scatter plot tooltip/picking
  • Upgraded THREE.js from v126 to v144
  • LogCurves2D now uses improved Line segments
  • Minor performance improvements in 3D Seismic rendering
  • New Well Trajectory tutorial
  • Intersections improvements: Ability to stop automatic redraw for performances
  • General picking accuracy

Chart Widget

  • One High-Level ChartWidget class that supports multiple series and charts with 1D, 2D and 3D data.
  • Allows switching types of charts on the fly.