GeoToolkit.JS 2021 Release Notes

May 2021

We’re pleased to present the release notes for GeoToolkit.JS 2021 


  • Deviated Schematics Widget EnhancementsFaster performance of the Deviated Schematics Widget. 
  • 3D Plane Log Display- New 3D Plane Log Display to show horizon/fault intersection.
  • New 3D Features and Faster 3D renderingNew contour 3D (in addition to existing 2D), optimized 3D seismic visualization (same API but faster rendering), and new 3D shape highlighting, and multilateral trajectory.
  • New HTML Overlay Feature – Add overlay to support HTML elements and specify model positions
  • ArcGIS Arcade in Maps – Support of ArcGIS Arcade expression language in Maps

Release Notes

Highlights of the new release include:


  • Add overlay to support HTML elements and specify model positions
  • Add gap fill and cut off support for line chart
  • Add support of ArcGIS Arcade expression language in Map
  • Add WMSTile and ArcGISTile layers


  • Added orientation API (cgDOM) to ReportJS
  • Added PageBreak support to ReportJS
  • Replaced ClipOperation with GeometryOperation
  • Added unit support in PDF
  • Added MinimumFractionDigits to NumberFormat
  • Added infinite mode to grid
  • Added unit support to Border Visual


  • Optimize ArcGIS feature layer for big data servers
  • Expand API & support for WebMap
  • Add get/set text style for the map scale objects

Charts and Widgets

  • Added highlightStyleHandler to RadarChart
  • Implemented hitTest in RadarChart
  • Added categories selection to RadarChart

Carnac 3D Module

  • Added 3D vertical plan to show intersection with horizon/faults as a line
  • Added 3D Plane Log display to support color provider
  • Added 3D Horizon
  • Added new 3d schematics components (perforation, plug cement, casing, shoe)
  • Added well top and sphere symbol in 3D
  • Supported transparency for seismic slices in 3D
  • Added labels to contour3d
  • Added 3D Fill only positive or negative
  • Added option to hide grid line from reservoir
  • Added nearest neighbor interpolation for surface
  • Added support of filtering NaN value in reservoir


  • Refactored deviated schematics widget layout
  • Added strategy to hide overlapped labels
  • Added gap options to lshapedwellborenode
  • Implemented WeightedAspectRatioWidthStrategy
  • Add top and bottom gaps to the deviated widget
  • Improve Deviated Labeling strategy


  • Added tile shape debug events from seismic widget
  • Added the headerdescriptor as parameter for RemoteSeismicDataSource.
  • Manage the new withheaderdescriptor service for custom trace headers values
  • Added clipping modes to seismic pipeline
  • Added trace amplitude decimation, decimate fills & wiggles or normalize wiggles to 0 in case of small amplitude
  • Add reverse colormap in seismic
  • Made SnapPickingStrategy public
  • Improved seismic to avoid blinking.


  • Added setProperties support to LogTadPole
  • Added .hitTest() to LogTadPole
  • Added convenient method to get center visible model limits
  • Added support for multiple textstyles in LogDiscreteCurve
  • Added simple symbol formatter for LogCurve
  • Added header labels rotation for MultiWell
  • Added margins and padding support for specific header prototype and instance
  • Added serialized NumberFormat for LogCurve & TickCurve
  • Implemented picking on deviation context
  • Removed warnings in deserialization of old templates
  • Added ability to override class in persistence registry
  • Added trajectory points filter

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