GeoToolkit.JS Release Notes 2.5

22 March 2018 We’re pleased to present the release notes for GeoToolkit.JS 2.5.



  • New Correlation Widget to help with subsurface interpretation
  • New Schematics Widget features an extended set of SVG components and labeling strategies to enable longer, more accurate drill strings
  • Improved mapping capabilities, including ArcGIS feature layer, added symbols aggregation, and improved performance
  • Improvements to Seismic Widget, including trace header subset display and cached reader
  • Enhanced reporting and exporting functionalities, including support for CGM, external fonts, and UNICODE

Release Notes

Highlights of the new release include:


  • New library for Reports added
  • New library for FlowCharts added
  • Added CGM export and new library geotoolkit.cgm
  • Added Multi Histogram widget
  • Added linear and nonlinear regression line chart
  • Added time and date localization support
  • Added Quad Tree map layer
  • Integrated ArcGIS feature layer
  • Improved map labels rendering
  • Added support of asynchronous rendering to improve exporting graphics
  • PDF export supported external fonts and UNICODE
  • Improved tick generation
  • Added automatic nice limits to charts
  • Added logarithmic mode and step interpolation to TimeSeries Widget
  • Added axis micro position to TimeSeries Widget
  • Added implementation for TableView to read data from DataTable
  • Simplified support node.js and toolkit for improved integration
  • Added support of ES6 modules with React

Carnac3D module

  • Added seismic volume support


  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Schematics Widget
  • Added new SVG Schematics components
  • Added new Schematics labeling strategy
  • Improved performance for deviated well log


  • Added variable trace spacing
  • Added cached seismic reader to reduce amount of request to server
  • Added trace headers table view
  • Added CGM+ export
  • Added patterns support for wiggle
  • Added color for null value in seismic
  • Added method to SeismicWidget to show only subset of trace headers in table


  • Added Cross Section Display
  • Added LAS 2 Writer
  • Optimized real-time updates for log curve and headers
  • Added collapsed headers
  • Added annotations to Multi-Well widget and log widget: titles, axes
  • Added support of DataTable for ArrayLog
  • Added options to add axis and title to MultiWellWidget
  • Added track title rotation
  • Added title for WellLog widget header
  • Added resize track using track headers
  • Added samples and marker editor
  • Added Drag and drop tracks and curves tool for WellLogWidget

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