GeoToolkit.JS 2020 Release Notes

15 January 2020

We’re pleased to present the release notes for GeoToolkit.JS 2020. 


  • Improved ArcGIS Support – New API support for ArcGIS servers adds query/identify/legend capabilities.
  • Faster Load Times – Support of new syntaxes for ES6 harmony modules reduces final bundle size for faster loading.
  • New Interactive ToolsNew elastic zoom and scroll tool, infinite horizontal scroll, UI zoom control, DOM tool, and more.
  • Multilateral SchematicsNew widget allows you to visualize multilateral deviated wells.
  • New Gridding AlgorithmsGeoToolkit.JS 2020 now offers Kriging and ThinPlate algorithms.
  • Improved Memory for Volumetric Rendering – Display core images along with well and raster logs.

Release Notes

Highlights of the new release include:


  • Added support for ES6 harmony modules to support new syntaxes and reduce final bundle size for faster loading
    • Improves support for Angular, React, and VUE
  • Added VSCode plug-in to simplify conversion of GeoToolkit code to ES6


  • Improved DataTable, DataTableView, DataSet performance
  • Added pyramid image support to help with LOD for larger files
  • Added HTTP layer to simplify access to external resources
  • Added support of CSS 2D transform and text-transform for nodes based on AbstractNode
  • Improved DOM tool


  • Improved ArcGIS support
    • Added query/identify/legend API support for ArcGIS servers
  • Added optional UI zoom control
  • Infinite horizontal scroll
  • GPX format support
  • Tool to measure distances and area
  • Smart labeling
  • MapScale customization added
  • Added GeoJSON/CSV format export for the feature layers

Charts and Widgets

  • Elastic zoom and scroll tool
  • Added line chart rendering optimization
  • Added a DataSheet

Carnac 3D Module

  • Added GigaGrid library
  • Improved memory usage for volumetric rendering and supports irregular data
  • Added option to display cloud points for irregular data of Volumetric rendering tutorial
  • Added ScatterPlot
  • Switch to three.js rev. 107
  • Added label annotations for wellbore


  • Added gridding algorithms: Kriging and ThinPlate


  • Added Multilateral Schematics
  • Added DeviatedSchematics Widget


  • Added highlight of traces
  • Added floating elements in SeismicWidget toolbar
  • Improved auxiliary graph


  • Optimized and improved MultiWell library
  • Added drag and drop tool for MultiWellWidget
  • Added support of ghost tool in deviated tracks
  • Modified algorithm for tops alignment
  • ArrayLog support in deviation
  • Improved deviated WellLog with better trajectory smoothing
  • Implemented Gap Fill and Gap Disconnect

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