GeoToolkit.JS 2020.1 Release Notes

17 November 2020.1

We’re pleased to present the release notes for GeoToolkit.JS 2020.1. 


  • Server-Side Rendering Capabilities – To offer a complete set of options for great performance for interacting with seismic in the cloud, we added support for server-side rendering in addition to the existing widget for client-side rendering by just integrating new services.
  • Improved ES6 SupportFull set of all-new tutorials and demos for ES6 with code snippets. Supports Angular, React, and Vue frameworks. 
  • Redesigned the Graphical AnnotationA new version of annotation tool with layer support to add text and graphical annotations, plus a demo to demonstrate this functionality to facilitate adoption.
  • New 3D Features and Faster 3D renderingNew contour 3D (in addition to existing 2D), optimized 3D seismic visualization (same API but faster rendering), and new 3D shape highlighting, and multilateral trajectory.
  • MultiWell Performance Enhancements – Improved performance of MultiWellWidget if the same template is used for all wells.
  • WebGL – Optimized deviated image and gradients and array log (log2d) with WebGL.


Release Notes

Highlights of the new release include:


  • Added heatmap layer for maps
  • Added multi-lateral TrajectoryTube Implementation
  • Provided Schematics widget, which includes Vertical Schematics and Deviated Schematics together
  • Optimized seismic decompression and filters with web assembly
  • Optimized SEG-Y reader and provided an example to read it from AWS S3.
  • Added tangential track and curve mode in WellLog
  • Added column support and header height support and flex layout for lithology intervals headers in WellLog


  • Improved DataTable, DataTableView, DataSet performance
  • Added pyramid image support to help with LOD for larger files
  • Added HTTP layer to simplify access to external resources
  • Added support of CSS 2D transform and text-transform for nodes based on AbstractNode
  • Improved DOM tool


  • Improved ArcGIS support
    • Added query/identify/legend API support for ArcGIS servers
  • Added optional UI zoom control
  • Infinite horizontal scroll
  • GPX format support
  • Tool to measure distances and area
  • Smart labeling
  • MapScale customization added
  • Added GeoJSON/CSV format export for the feature layers

Charts and Widgets

  • Elastic zoom and scroll tool
  • Added line chart rendering optimization
  • Added a DataSheet

Carnac 3D Module

  • Added 3D shape highlighting
  • Optimized 3D Seismic slices
  • Added level of details for 3D Seismic rendering
  • Improved 3D picking performance
  • Added Contour 3D
  • Added multi-lateral TrajectoryTube Implementation
  • Added backgrounds for labels for axes in the grid
  • Upgrade three.js up to the v120 version


  • Deleted multi area support in contour


  • Merged Vertical Schematics and Deviated Schematics Widgets 
  • Improved BHA editor
  • Default multi-diameter component node to implement
  • Added option to display the Open hole section


  • Seismic widgets support server side and client side rendering
  • Optimized seismic decompression with web assembly
  • Integrated shape editing tool to make comments on seismic widget
  • Added level of details support for 2D Seismic rendering
  • Implemented WebAssembly algorithms to speed-up AGC and Taper Filter


  • Improved performance of MultiWellWidget if a template is the same for all wells
  • Allowed sharing the same template between wells
  • Added Deviated Header / Footer to be attached to deviated composite node
  • Added support to control page header and footer visibility to show well log header
  • Added LogSinusoid visual
  • Added optimized universal crosshair tool to work in WellLog, Multi Well and Deviated Logs
  • Added tangential track and curve mode
  • Added merging micro positioned headers
  • Added column support, header height support, and flex layout for lithology intervals headers
  • Optimized deviated image and gradients with WebGL

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