GeoToolkit.JS 2022.0 Release Notes

August 2022

We’re pleased to present the release notes for GeoToolkit.JS 2022.0.


  • Improved intersection with reservoir and horizonsWhen a seismic volume is displayed with a reservoir or horizons, you can display the intersection of seismic slices with geometry of grid or horizon. Turn off visibility for the reservoir and see the intersection on the seismic slice as an overlay.
  • Reduced Reservoir GPU memory allocation to visualize larger reservoir grids quickly.
  • Added DensityGrid and DensityContourShape – For crossplots with a lot of samples, it is better to display a density contour instead. Can also be used for simple classification like K-mean in machine learning to show different clusters.
  • Added cutoff visual – now you can view different use cases such as fluorescence curves and cut curves.

Release Notes
Highlights of the new release include:


  • Neat limit support for several charts and widgets
  • Report generation improvements
  • Added support for GeoTIFF and customization of VectorTile
  • Added DensityGrid and DensityContourShape
  • Added Ternary Chart
  • Added advanced crossplots for geoscience


  • Numerous contour label improvements
  • Added support for intersection with seismic fence
  • Improved intersection with reservoir and horizons
  • Reduced Reservoir GPU memory allocation


  • Seismic image performance improvements for vertical scrolling
  • Added ZFP decompression
  • Added trace line style support


  • Added LogDiscreteStyle to support state definition
  • Added cursor tracking header for Log2DVisual
  • Added zones support
  • Added callout and symbols support and state definition in mud log section
  • Added Log Cutoff visual
  • Added option to split track headers layouts and title layout in Multi-Well Widget

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