Wind Energy Visualization

Wind power generation is quickly growing as a renewable energy source that can serve as an alternative to fossil fuel-generated electricity. In the U.S., 8% of energy generating capacity comes from wind turbines—that’s currently more than any other renewable resource—and wind power has more than tripled over the past decade.

From advanced analytic solutions that inform planning and forecasting to sighting to steel in the ground to operations, at INT, we want to help you forecast the potential for wind farms, predict the production power of wind projects, and determine the feasibility and potential limitations of a location.

“As renewable energy grows, wind energy will become the backbone of energy systems in many parts of the world, requiring us to move beyond the focus on simply increasing wind energy capacity…”
—Morten Dyrholm, Chairman, Global Wind Energy Council



INT Offers Two Options For Your Wind Energy Application

Augment your visualization with customizable, domain-specific libraries with GeoToolkit or leverage IVAAP, INT’s industry-leading domain visualization platform.

For more information about how IVAAP or GeoToolkit can help you visualize your geothermal project, contact us for a free demo.

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