Visualize Data from Any Model, Machine Learning in IVAAP

Your data is your most valuable asset. But to get the most out of your data, you need the right tool that can help you put it to work.

How will you visualize the data from your machine learning?

The challenge most often shared by geoscientists and data managers is the difficulty they face working with data sources, analysis, and computing tools spread across various software and storage locations in the organization. But finding a solution that can centralize that data and access and provide access to simple machine learning functionality can be time-consuming or, in some cases, even impossible.


Search, View, Compute, and Analyze Data in One Place

IVAAP has been designed to provide a direct connection to any ML or processing services. For geoscientists and data managers, this means they can easily connect the dots — they can search for data, explore and select data, consume data, trigger and execute processing or machine learning models in a simple way, and visualize the results of their data science quickly. Once complete, the workflow can write the results back to the selected cloud storage and the output can be visualized instantly.

All from a single point of access.



Accelerate Your Development

Machine learning and AI are at the forefront of the current data revolution, so it was important for us to explore and create new ways to interact with data science and deliver an intuitive user experience that developers can easily build. IVAAP reduces the time to deliver a complete solution by giving developers a cloud-based front-end with all the rich features needed for geoscience visualization and connectors to many cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM RedHat), any data source (OSDU, PPDM, Prosource,…), and any machine learning or processing program (SageMaker, Python, Jupyter…). Developers benefit from a technology designed to support optimal interaction with large data sets and high performance in the cloud.

Interoperability Made Easy

Many of our clients have asked to find a solution to easily connect to their existing models and programs to enable them to consume their data without having these services hard-coded and difficult to invoke and maintain. IVAAP changes the game for software architects by offering a viewing platform pluggable to any data source, cloud provider, and machine learning or processing service. IVAAP connectivity is key to eliminate the need to move data by offering integration to data sources where they reside: in a data lake, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. IVAAP’s architecture and standard APIs can be used to create diverse workflows across applications, enabling interoperability between applications and liberating the data access to machine learning.

IVAAP’s architecture can support a deployment strategy for private cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid data storage model. IVAAP’s front-end client is built in HTML5. Using JavaScript, IVAAP provides the optimal user experience in a web browser to navigate and interact with large datasets.


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