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Building High-Performance Energy Data Visualization Solutions for the Cloud

INT’s IVAAP empowers energy data visualization on OSDU on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The IVAAP platform offers a single point of access to search, interact with, analyze, and visualize multiple petrotechnical data sources in a single web-based application. IVAAP is also the perfect platform to integrate with your machine learning, all this deployable on the OSDU platform.

IVAAP leverages AWS’ strong distributed cloud infrastructure, reliable storage, compute, and more than 200 other services to empower cloud workflows.



INT Reference Architecture on AWS

How Does It Work?

Once the data has been migrated to the cloud, a variety of AWS services become available. For example, one of them is Elasticsearch, which helps index the data and provides a search interface. Another is AWS EC2, which provides compute resources that are as distributed as the data.

One of the cloud computing principles is that data has a lot of gravity and all the computing parts tend to get closer to it, which means that it is better to place the processing computer as close to the data as possible. With AWS EC2, we at INT can place our IVAAP back end very close to the data, regardless of where it is in the world, minimizing latency for the user and enabling on-demand access. Elastic compute resources also enable us to scale up when the usage increases and down when fewer users are active.

INT Integrates with Multiple AWS Services:


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