INTViewer 2023.1 Release Notes

28 December 2023
We’re pleased to present the release notes for INTViewer 2023.1


INTViewer Platform:

  • Integrated a new UpdateCenter, which can update INTViewer core plugins directly
  • Upgraded to the latest version of J/Geotoolkit (3.10 Release)
  • Fixed logging issues
  • Lithologies support integration
    • Lithology curves are now differentiated when opening a Well or ExtendedWell file with a new icon (identified by a unit; a curve must have a unit starting with “litho” to be considered a lithology)
    • Lithologies are displayed in every 2D well view as facies (Well tracks, Seismic well layer)
    • The list of available facies and associated values can be modified in Tools -> Options -> Environnement -> Lithology Map
  • Extended Well Data
    • Better management of irregular log curves in the curve table
    • Well track unit is now automatically detected with the first displayed curve
  • MatlabCore, Updated plugin description

INTViewer Plugins :

  • Fixed update center deployment (better update file format)
  • OpenVSD Data Plugin: 
    • Fixed some issues with VDS file header requests
    • Upgraded OpenVDS native library version (3.3.0)
  • GigaReservoir Plugin, Updated plugin description