INTViewer 2021

We’re pleased to announce the release of INTViewer 2021.

What’s New in 2021?

  • Remote Map Plugin —Allows users to overlay data on a background map from Google or Bing maps, set up a custom Web Map Service (WMS) server (authentication not supported), and the ability to overly multiple remote layers.
  • Import and export of GeoTIFF files — Users can produce georeferenced images by exporting maps to a GeoTIFF image to view in any GIS software.
  • Extended Well Data (EWD) — Can be displayed in the Well Log Window, Map views, and 3D and seismic viewers. EWD offers the ability to edit your log curve data and Time/Depth conversion as well as manual editing. EWD can be created from LAS files and exported to LAS files after editing.
  • License borrowing — Allows users to perform borrowing licenses through a new UI. This improvement will be useful when a geoscientist needs to take INTViewer on his laptop to work in the field for a limited time.

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