Visualize any data format

INTViewer reads a plethora of file formats including SEGY, SEG2, Promax, SU, SEP, JavaSeis and SEGD. There is no limit to the size of the seismic datasets you can view. INTViewer also provides visualization capabilities for GIS, horizon, fault, GOCAD, well, microseismic and reservoir data formats.

Navigate Easily Through Your Data

INTViewer supports visualization of seismic sections, gathers, time slices and 2D lines. The same datasets can be visualized in 2D and 3D windows. While each window is independent, all windows show the same slices automatically as you travel through your datasets. Cursor synchronization between all views makes this navigation seamless.



Compare your data

There are several ways you can quickly compare datasets. The simplest way is to show them side-by-side in the built-in integrated window. Overlay them and use transparency or the peel/reveal functions. Use a formula to spot minute difference between two seismic datasets or two well log curves.

Map your data

Verify the accuracy of your GIS coordinates using INTViewer’s map window. Coordinates can be reprojected to any coordinate system, on-the-fly and with high accuracy. All your data can be overlaid in one map window, combined with satellite imagery.



Perform a quick analysis

INTViewer also provides a rich array of interactive analysis tools: crossplot, trend, histogram, F-K spectrum and FT analysis. Trace processors allow an immediate visualization of processing algorithms whether standalone or combined. Create your custom trace processor in seconds with just a few lines of Python or through Matlab.

Process Your Data

With data coming from several vendors, you often need to normalize them before analysis. INTViewer provides many tools to process and convert data. Automate these conversions with the seismic workbench or using your own Python scripts.



Bring your data anywhere

INTViewer is a lightweight application that you can install on any laptop or desktop. It works on Windows, Linux and Macs. Clients routinely use INTViewer in the field to verify their acquisition in real time. Smaller datasets that fit your laptop on the go can be created with Lattice decimation.

Showcase your data

Acquisition companies use INTViewer to showcase their data to potential clients. Sessions remember the exact layout of your INTViewer desktop. Take screen snapshots for PowerPoint presentations. Export to Excel or Matlab. Record movies as you navigate through your data. Playback real-time acquisition measurements.



Plug your own data formats, algorithms and workflows

INTViewer is not only a ready-to-use application. It is also a platform that you can heavily customize using Java. A simple API allows you to add your proprietary formats. Enhance the built-in tooling with your own science. Provide an interactive user interface for your workflows.